What to eat before training?

In the article, I will tell you what there is before training in the gym at the stage of weight gain / weight loss.

At the stage of gaining muscle mass, eating fully right before training is impossible. Eating a full meal should be at least 1 hour before the start of training in the gym, usually recommended for 2 hours (each in different ways, on average, I recommend 1.5).

The fact is that any physical activity slows down and even suspends the mechanism of digestion. In addition, a full stomach will significantly interfere with your full exercise, exercise, etc. for many problems can arise, such as: nausea, decreased stamina, reflux of food contents (movement of stomach contents in the opposite direction), etc. therefore, you need to eat food in 1-2 (on average 1.5) hours;

It is necessary to consume, first of all, of course, COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES (it can be rice or buckwheat, or even this; pasta from durum, potatoes and oatmeal in this period of time is not recommended, it is best to choose from those three).

By the way, the reason that there is a need for 1-2 hours (for complex carbohydrates are absorbed for a long time). By the way, why complex carbohydrates? Because carbohydrates are energy. And you will need energy in order for you to fully share your strength training in the gym.

This is logical, agree  In addition to complex carbohydrates, you can (need) eat something protein (only light, not something that is digested 5-6 hours: D), animal origin, of course)) in small quantities. Ideally, boiled eggs (they are easy to digest and high-quality) will do.

And of course, along with any protein, of course, there must be fiber (i.e., vegetables, for example, tomatoes or cucumbers, or even that, cabbage, etc.);

To train on the mass, on an empty stomach, I categorically do not recommend, because this makes no sense.

CONCLUSION: on the mass in front of the trenches, complex carbohydrates + digestible proteins + fiber are needed.

OPTIONAL: SPORTS.PIT before training

30 minutes before a workout, you can (if you have) take a portion of protein or gainer. By the way, for such a time before training, it is sport. Food that is allowed, because proteins and gainers are assimilated much faster than regular food, therefore, do not be afraid.

When losing weight (burning fat) you need to see the situation of an athlete. For the absolute majority of people, suitable recommendations below (the pros have their own schemes) …

When losing weight training a day can be several and different in appearance. In short, there are ANAEROBIC TRAININGS (these are training with iron, in the gym) and AEROBIC (running, walking, cycling, etc.). So, depending on the type of training and different recommendations …


When losing weight (burning fat, drying) = food should be consumed as well for 1-2 (on average 1.5) hours before the start of strength training. But, the food ALREADY DOES NOT CONTAIN CARBOHYDRATES and THE MORE FATS! It contains only PROTEINS + TISSUE (VEGETABLES).

Of the proteins, again, an easily digestible protein, for example, BOILED EGGS;

From cellulose it is CUCUMBER or TOMATOES or CABBAGE (without mayonnaise dressings, etc.)

Why is that?

Because the lower your blood sugar level at workout (the less carbohydrates you have), the more fatty acids are used as energy rather than glycogen (i.e., fat burns badly). Therefore, before your workout, there are no complex carbohydrates (rice there or buckwheat), you have ONLY EASY PROTEIN (eggs and vegetables). At what, pay attention, PROTEIN – IS IMPORTANT.