Sport or diet

Sport or Diet or maybe viagra? What is better and more effective? Where to start: with sports or proper nutrition (diet)? All the subtleties and secrets, here and now!

I believe that no matter what goal you have (whatever you want, whether it is weight loss (fat burning), muscle growth or improving health) = you should always start with a proper diet (proper nutrition).

Why Let’s figure it out …

At the stage of losing weight = diet (proper nutrition) is the basis (base) of losing weight.

It is due to the correct diet for weight loss and fat burning occurs (losing weight).

Proper diet for weight loss implies a lack of calories in nutrition. And who does not know, it is the lack of calories and creates a lack of energy in the human body due to this and there is a burning of fat from the body.

Without this (without a diet, without a foundation), no training = no shit will give you in terms of burning fat.

Workouts are only accelerators of fat burning from the body, they work only in conjunction with a diet.

They help speed up the process of losing weight (burning fat), due to even greater consumption of calories.

However, if there is no nutrition (diet), then there is no basic calorie deficit, which means there is no weight loss (fat burning). Accordingly, all your workouts will be up to one place.

Therefore, if your goal is to lose weight = begin, first of all, you need to with proper nutrition (diet).

Or you can do it in parallel (but with an emphasis on proper nutrition / diet).

That is, and that and that and you eat right, on a diet and correctly train = as a result you get the maximum effect.

If the goal is muscle growth …

At the stage of gaining muscle mass (muscle growth) – also need to start with the correct diet.

And attention. Diets aimed either at first for weight loss (fat burning) or immediately on muscle growth.

Why so? Because according to conducted experiments and research:

The less subcutaneous fat in your body = the better the effect of your workouts. The more and high-quality muscle mass (muscles) you can gain.

The more subcutaneous fat in your body = the much worse the effect of training. So much less and not so high-quality muscle mass (muscles) you can gain.

That’s why, if your goal is to build muscle = you, first of all, you need to choose a strategy.

If your body has excess fat = you need to first reduce the% of fat on your body to normal.

Watch it. If you just train correctly (as it should, for muscle growth), but you will not eat correctly = muscle growth will not occur, because at workout = we destroy muscles (and not grow), but builds muscles as a result = correct food (stroy.materialy).

Having destroyed my muscles in training = and not having healed in consequence (nutrition) = how will the growth of muscles occur? Obviously, no way. That is why, you always need to start with proper nutrition (diet).

If you just eat (as it should, for muscle growth), but you will not train properly = muscle growth will not occur, and your body weight will increase due to fat, not muscle.

That is why, in this strategy everything should happen in parallel. There should be training and nutrition, but the emphasis should always be on proper nutrition (diet).