Secrets of nutrition athletes

Not many people know that 90% of success depends on the nutrition of the athlete. Comprehend the basics of nutrition in sports is much more complicated and more important than it seems at first glance. First you need to understand all the rules and principles of this issue.

Nutrition of athletes, especially those engaged in heavy and grueling workouts, is completely different from the nutrition of people leading a simple lifestyle. And the differences are present both in the quality of food and in its quantity. Special strength exercises require a special approach to food, which should provide the necessary substances for the functioning of the body.

Special nutrition is necessary to:

Increase muscles, give them relief and reduce the subcutaneous fat layer.

Adjust body weight: increase someone, reduce someone, or simply maintain the desired figure already achieved on the scales.

Equip an athlete with the right amount of calories, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements to keep his body in the necessary tone that is needed to achieve the goals.

Achieve acceleration of metabolism with the help of proper diet and active biological additives.

Create a perfect hormonal balance in the body that will allow you to realize all the physical capabilities of an athlete and achieve maximum success during training.

For a complete understanding of this issue, it is necessary to study the materials on sports nutrition in proven scientific sources or to turn to professionals for help in drawing up a good diet, taking into account the characteristics of the organism, as well as the level of physical activity.

It is worth remembering that the selection of food in the sport for each individual, since it takes into account all the features of the body and the physiological structure of the body.

But there are some basic principles on which the nutrition of all novice athletes and those who have long been in sports.

Frequent meals. At least five times a day, it is about once every 3 hours. This approach is necessary to accelerate the processes of metabolism.

For example, if you divide the average daily volume of 2400 calories eaten by a person into three parts, it turns out that 800 units are absorbed for each meal, and if divided into six, then 400. A smaller number of calories allows nutrients to be absorbed faster by the body, it controls hunger, saves time on food absorption.

Due to better absorption, there is an increase in the thermogenic effect of food, due to which processes in the body are accelerated, due to which weight loss occurs, even if the number of calories is increased. In case you want to gain weight, then you have to further increase the daily calorie intake.

In food, you must have high quality protein and complex carbohydrates. When these rules are followed, the use of the incoming nutrients increases and the insulin level stabilizes, which protects the muscles from the destruction process. As an additional protein source, you can use Spirulina Splatensis, this blue-green alga consists of 60% of it and at the same time, due to the peculiarity of the structure of algae cells, the protein from it is almost completely absorbed, unlike other products.

The organization of the process of eating. This is what can not be neglected. Thanks to careful chewing, the food is better digested. Saliva enzymes, to some extent, process and destroy both proteins and carbohydrates and fats, helping the digestive tract absorb them.

Food intake is a very slow process, and prolonged chewing will help control the feeling of fullness. For example, the use of cocktails through the straw allows you to efficiently assimilate everything useful in them.

Refusing fast food. All foods that contain chemical enhancers of taste and flavor, preservatives, extremely negatively affect human health. Therefore, it is worth refusing to eat in various donut, pancake and other fast food cafes. It is better to get along at lunchtime with vegetables and fruits, nuts or protein bars, buying them in advance. Or you can make a delicious cocktail on the basis of fresh or frozen berries and fruits, add coconut milk, a spoon of spirulina or another favorite superfood to make the cocktail not only tasty, but also useful. You can take this cocktail with you and drink it before the onset of hunger, so as not to be tempted by harmful snacks.