Do I have to eat after exercise

In this article, I will tell you whether you need to eat after exercise, if you want (your goal):

  • Lose weight (burn fat)
  • Muscle Building (Muscle Gain)
  • Retain existing form (condition)

IMPORTANT: all my recommendations are suitable for both men and women.

Aim to lose weight (burn fat)

The basic rule for nutrition at this stage of training is – LACK OF CALORIES.

Lack of calories is when you eat fewer calories than you spend.

As a result, body weight, in fact, decreases (weight loss occurs).

If the lack of calories = no = the weight of the body (weight loss, fat burning) will not occur.

Why did I tell this?

To make you understand (a) what is important – LACK OF CALORIES. Basically.

Is it there = eating and losing weight (burning fat).

A specific meal (in our case, after training) = not as important as this rule.

Better dell on this rule than on some separate meal there.

If you create insufficient calories during the day = your body weight will decrease. Even if you eat after a workout.

If there is a lack of calories = there is also a weight loss. Do you understand?

However, at the stage of weight loss (fat burning), the longer you do not use CARBOHYDRATES after the workout = the longer the FAT will burn.

This rule applies to both anaerobic exercise (ie in the gym) and aerobic (cardio, type, running, walking, cycling, etc.).

Therefore, there is immediately – I would not recommend. No, you can eat, because if there is a lack of calories = fat burning will still occur.

But, for greater efficiency (in terms of fat burning) and return on training = not worth it.

Usually, to my clients – I recommend eating in 30-40 minutes = only protein foods.

For example, fish, boiled eggs, beef, chicken breast – anything (of course, when calculating, that is, in the right number of wahs). A full meal (with carbohydrates) is possible only 2 hours after this meal. This recommendation is distributed then – when training in the first half of the day (before 15.00).

If training in the evening = then = carbohydrates (after 15.00) are excluded, only protein foods are allowed, this is necessary in order to minimize the accumulation of excess fat. To learn more cool facts about diet and to buy some cool drugs for your health visit PillsPrime.

In general, remember this:

1: The longer you do not eat CARBOHYDRATES after training = the longer the FAT will burn.

2: in the evening (after 4 pm) carbohydrate foods should no longer be available at all (ONLY PROTEIN + TISSUE).

3: at the stage of losing weight = most important of all = LACK OF CALORIES. Basically. There is a lack of calories there = you eat less = than you spend = eat and lose weight (burning fat).

The goal is to build muscle (gaining muscle mass)

The basic rule for nutrition at this stage of training is – Excess calories!

Excess calories are when you consume more energy (calories) than you expend. As a result of this – body weight, in fact, increases.

If there is an excess of kcal = no = then the increase in body weight (muscle growth) will not occur.

Why did I tell this?

To the fact that the absolute majority of people are misinformed regarding many things / aspects / nuances, etc., regarding bodybuilding (bodybuilding).

In particular, now, on our topic, a bunch of opinions that = after a workout a protein-carbohydrate window opens, which lasts half an hour there))), and you need to eat quickly after a workout, namely fast carbohydrates, protein, preferably gainers, proteins =)

Otherwise, everyone, ala Style is the end of the world, muscles will not grow, AAA catabolism …

Remember: when the goal is muscle growth = important is the total meal during the day.

If you create excess calories in your diet = your body weight (muscle growth) will occur, that is, if your goal = muscle growth = most important of all, eat right for 24 hours. And you sing there after training or not = not important at all. Growth will be if there is an excess of kcal.

The poet does not need to dwell on a specific period of time (in our case, after training).

Personally, I eat (fully) – about an hour after a workout.

Immediately after the end of the workout, it is impossible to eat regular food, because the blood is poured from the stomach into the muscles, and it will return back in about 30-50 minutes.

Therefore, I eat somewhere in an hour and recommend the same to all my clients.

Therefore, 2: no ordinary food, immediately after friction: the type of buckwheat, rice, chicken etc.